It is the method which intends to blend the white patches with the rest of the body’s colour. The method is done using coloured creams to the affected skin. Those creams will have the same colour that of the natural skin. Applying the creams make the patches less noticeable. Applying the creams is not a simple task as it needs proper training. Camouflage used to treat vitiligo can be classified into two- temporary and persistent. Temporary camouflage includes indigenous products, self-tanning products, liquid dyes, foundation-based cosmetic camouflage etc. Micropigmentation/medical tattooing is included in persistent camouflage. Practically, foundation-based cosmetic camouflage is considered to be the best camouflage product as it can be used as daily wear creams. It also gives best colouring matches to the skin. persistent camouflages have certain limitations and disadvantages.