Fighting Vitiligo

Vitiligo even affects the mental health of an individual. Vitiligo affected individual may experience shock, humiliation, panic, embarrassment, rejection, annoyance, depression, guilt etc. It may affect the self-confidence of an individual. As nowadays people give high importance to beauty, vitiligo may affect the social and personal life of the individual. It can be tackled using simple methods. Following are some tips for patients to get out from the mental stress due to vitiligo infection:

  • The individual ought to dependably look after an uplifting disposition towards life. Funniness is an extremely basic approach to accomplish this. One ought to attempt to enhance one’s self regard by understanding his character. Vitiligo is considerably less genuine than a cold or other contamination. It is paramount to comprehend the infection painstakingly.
  • The patient should get positive support from the family and friends in order to cope with the condition
  • It is important to find out the right physician for your concern as soon as possible.
  • Should take care of his/her skin very well.
  • The patient can use cosmetics to mask the de-pigmented areas.
  • Joining a support group that supports the illness will be good to the patient to increase the positive attitude towards life.

The parents of the patients should also have to be careful. Following are few instructions to the parents:

  • It is important that the parents should not be over conscious towards the child?s condition.
  • It is the duty of the parent to educate the child about the condition and how to react to it.
  • Negative discussions and attitude towards the conditions should be avoided in front of the child.
  • Give support to the child to engage more in social activities and mingle with people in the society.

It is important to make the general people aware of the facts about the condition rather than supporting the myths. There are a few things to remember:

  • Everyone should remember that vitiligo is not a fatal disease.
  • Gazing at the vitiligo affected people will make them embarrassed and reluctant to appear in a crowd. They are not abnormal people. They are like every common man, but the difference is that they have a different skin appearance.
  • Asking them questions like what happened, why and when may irritate and make them feel bad.
  • Do not show sympathy towards them. All that you have to do is to just understand them.