1. What is vitiligo?
Vitiligo is a common skin affliction that causes developing white patches on the skin.
2. Is vitiligo contagious?
People usually consider vitiligo as contagious. But, it is not at all contagious. You will not get vitiligo by simply mingling with the people affected with vitiligo.
3. Will exposure to certain chemicals cause vitiligo?
Yes, to certain extent. There are some chemicals like phenols that trigger vitiligo in susceptible. Some other industrial substances and chemicals may also trigger vitiligo.
4. Are the treatments safe on face and around the eyes?
Every treatment has certain complications and risks accompanied with it. It is necessary to discuss with your physician before choosing an option. He/she will be able to suggest the best and safe one for you.
5. How can I tackle the emotional issues associated by vitiligo?
You should first understand what is actually vitiligo and its implications. Try to convince yourself about the realties. If you are really disturbed, you might have to seek support from a counsellor or therapist. Yoga, meditation and such stress management systems may also help you.