Depigmentation can be considered as the best choice for people with dark skin and those who have large areas of affected skin. The main goal of the procedure is to make the whole body colour the same. The method is to fade the colour of the rest of the body parts to match it with the affected area. Depigmentation is suggested very commonly for people who have vitiligo on more than 50% of the bodies. Drugs such as monobenzylether of hydroquinone are applied to pigment the unaffected areas of the body.
Depigmentation procedures are attempted in only a few selected patients. As the procedure has certain long term social and emotional consequences, it should be considered before starting the procedure. When the extensive condition of vitiligo does not respond to the other treatments, the doctors choose Depigmentation therapy. Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to make the patient aware of the factors such as treatment time, course, cost, side effects etc. Depigmentation procedure involves simply applying the cream on the affected area. It may take one to two years for complete Depigmentation. Depigmentation cannot be done through injection or oral medication.